Saint Benevolence Rum Clairin is Haiti’s premium ancestral sugarcane spirit, handcrafted from a field blend of Cristalline, Madame Meuze, Farine France and 24/14; indigenous cane clones organically grown in the fertile alluvial soils and tropical climate of Saint Michel de l’Attalaye.

Our sugarcane is organically grown and farmed in the fields immediately surrounding the Dorcinvil Distillery, a third-generation family operation entrusted with the quality farming and production of Saint Benevolence Rum Clairin. Our farmers employ natural agricultural practices free from herbicides, pesticides and other chemicals.

The cane is hand-harvested, pressed and fermented with wild yeasts for five to seven days, producing a lively vin de canne: a freshly fermented cane juice ripe with the expressive grassy notes of the local Saint Michel terroir.

In homage to Saint Michel, the town of our spirit’s provenance, a separate batch of the freshly-pressed sugarcane juice is reduced to a syrup and fermented in the local style known as the Methode Saint Michel.

Our distillation process has changed little from the traditional French techniques employed throughout Haiti dating back to the 18th century. We separately small-batch distill our high-quality sugarcane juice and syrup in a single run through our handmade Creole copper pot still. Our Rum Clairin proprietary blend of Saint Benevolence premium cane juice and syrup truly bottles the purest essence of both Haiti’s unique terroir and the tradition of Saint Michel.

TASTING NOTES: True to the Haitian word ‘kleren’ for clear, translucent crystal in the glass. Green banana, wasabi, with earthy notes of smoke and wet gravel on the nose. A rich texture on the palate with toasted white peppercorn, clove and green olive mignonette with an underlying sweetness on the finish.


Our flagship rum, Saint Benevolence 5 Year is a blend of hand-selected Caribbean rum made from the highest quality sugarcane juice from the Dominican Republic and sugarcane molasses from Barbados. We used both pot and column distillation methods and age both cane juice and molasses based rums separately in American oak for five years.

Blended in small batches and bottled at 84 proof in Riviera Beach, Florida. Saint Benevolence 5 Year was blended and aged with the intent to be versatile.

Enjoy with an after-dinner cigar, fresh mango or rice pudding (du riz au lait). Drink neat, in a traditional Daiquiri, or for a new variation on a Negroni or an Old Fashioned.

TASTING NOTES: The Saint Benevolence 5 Year is light, amber gold in the glass, with vanilla and candied tropical fruit on the nose. The palate is warm with hints of coconut, stone fruit and vanilla to balance the oak and light tannins.