Our flagship rum, Saint Benevolence 5 Year is a blend of hand-selected Caribbean rum made from the highest quality sugarcane juice from the Dominican Republic and sugarcane molasses from Barbados. We used both pot and column distillation methods and age both cane juice and molasses based rums separately in American oak for five years.

Blended in small batches and bottled at 84 proof in Riviera Beach, Florida. Saint Benevolence 5 Year was blended and aged with the intent to be versatile.

Enjoy with an after-dinner cigar, fresh mango or rice pudding (du riz au lait). Drink neat, in a traditional Daiquiri, or for a new variation on a Negroni or an Old Fashioned.

TASTING NOTES: The Saint Benevolence 5 Year is light, amber gold in the glass, with vanilla and candied tropical fruit on the nose. The palate is warm with hints of coconut, stone fruit and vanilla to balance the oak and light tannins.

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